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Medicaid Consulting


Clients in 40 states

Employee Count


Plan Savings

$1,021,877 first year
$1,203,564 over three years

The Challenge

A Medicaid healthcare consulting firm with operations in 40 states had plateaued in its approach to providing employee benefits. They thought they were doing everything possible to control their medical spend, but were experiencing dramatic sticker shock over the annual price increases of their commercial PPO.

In search of what to do, they discovered self-funding and Medicare-like prices offered by a transparent solution composed of several self-funding pillars.

Our Solution

Given the scrutiny they’d likely face from their insurance-savvy workforce, moving to a new plan had major implications for employee satisfaction. Moving to a more flexible model allowed the group to implement cost reduction strategies with no adverse impact on the quality of care. Their solution includes:

  • Rates closely aligned with Medicare pricing
  • Eliminate both member and plan Rx cost
  • Direct contracting and bundled payments
  • Financial incentives to redirected members within PPO


A better plan for a group of employees dedicated to providing healthcare solutions to others. Employees, and their families, now have lower contributions on a monthly basis and the plan waives all out-of-pocket costs when members go to high-quality providers.
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