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Marine Manufacturer

When It’s All Under Pressure, Get Tactical


Their business is made under water but their employee benefits rise to the surface


Marine Manufacturing



Employee Count


Plan Savings

$3,912,129 over 4 years

The Challenge

North America’s leading marine equipment manufacturer was experiencing soaring costs between their existing PPO and Rx plans. Because of the distribution of employees across the nation, migrating to a new self-funded model proved not only logistically challenging, but there were questions about compliance in varying states.

  • Multiple employee “hubs”
  • Diverse range of employees; large disparity of socio-economics
  • Low benefits savviness

Our Solution

Keep your benefits above the waterline

Given the complexities found within the demographics of a manufacturing workforce, moving to a more flexible model allowed the group to maximize the cost reduction strategies specific to this industry. They were able to implement:

  • Medicare-Like Rates
  • Transparent pharmacy benefits manager PBM
  • PPO with full Transparent Health Benefits
  • Incentives to high quality facilities


Amron impact analysis graph

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