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More Access: Easier Access To Care For The Win

Tuesday, November 02, 2021, 2:00 PM ET

If we learned anything about how to structure our health benefits program from COVID-19 we learned the importance to easy access to care. No longer should we depend on “brick and mortar” office visits, when over 70% of the primary care needed can happen much more efficiently.

Come listen to COVID success stories on how employers implemented alternative means of accessing care to help employees and their families stay safe while still being able to access the care needed to stay healthy (and lower cost).

The WIN is the best part– everyone wins.

  • Providers: healthcare providers have easier, safer, and more efficient means to see their patients without sacrificing quality or relationship
  • Employers: employers are able to provide an invaluable benefit to their employees, and their families, while lowering cost and enhancing the productivity of their workforce
  • Employees: employees are the biggest winners as they get a super efficient platform to obtain most of the healthcare they need on an annual basis.  From the super healthy to the chronically ill, expansion of healthcare is valuable for everyone

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The various methods employers are using to expand access to care for their employees and their families
  • What economic and health benefits these expansions can create
  • Multiple success stories and implementation secrets to follow on the pathway to success

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Overview: Hauser with Transparent Health Benefits

Watch the introduction by James Stines – President and Managing Partner, of Hauser + Lester Morales Founder of Next Impact, in the video below.