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Alternative Reimbursement

Alternative Reimbursement

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Win, win win. Providers get paid faster, employers reduce their 2nd largest expense & employees get more access to higher quality care with lower costs.

Take Control.
Who decides the cost of healthcare?

Currently, Insurance companies have the most to gain from increasing healthcare costs. Unfortunately, they also decide how much is being charged & what is being reimbursed. With alternative reimbursement strategies, you take control of your plan, costs & reimbursements for services provided.

Reference Based Pricing

Move away from the opaque bill charge discounts & establish a reimbursement model that utilizes a transparent reference point instead.

Direct Contracting

Creating a direct relationship between the employer and the healthcare provider

Bundled Payments

Form a single bundled payment for a service, typically surgeries. Prices include profession, facility, anesthesia, PT, etc.

What’s included

Improve transparency & care

  • Focus on proactive negotiations
  • Create competition between providers
  • Reward members for good decisions

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Create a win, win, win solution

Accounts receivable is one of the biggest risks for a hospital. It can cost up-to .40¢ to collect a dollar. However, it’s possible to reduce employer costs by trading hospital risk for better reimbursements, so everyone wins.

  • Eliminate risk for everyone
  • Build trust with providers
  • Improve care & reduce cost

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Provide help on-demand

Offer expert guidance at a moment's notice, so no one goes it alone.

  • Offer 24/7 support for all members
  • Establish cost protection with policy
  • Leverage technology & improve impact

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