Hauser + THB: A new way to look at health benefits transparency.

Enhanced Access To Care

Enhanced Access To Care

Intersecting access and quality of care

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Making Care Simple. Improve overall quality of care while removing roadblocks to finding the best providers, all while maintaining cost transparency.

Ease of Access.
A roadblock-free network for your members.

Insurance companies currently have the upper hand when deciding which procedures, doctors, and facilities are covered for their members. This often times means that the best surgeon or a top rated hospital can be out-of-bounds for enrollees, leaving longterm outcomes in questionable territory.

Quality of Care

Eliminate expensive trips abroad for major procedures by opening doors to more options at home.

Care Advocate

Provide each plan member with a dedicated care advocate, available exclusively to guide them to top rated providers while maintaining cost transparency.

Goodbye Networks

The best providers are now all in-network because we've eliminated the traditional network. Your Care Advocate is the key.

What’s included

Major procedures without fear of substandard facilities

Seek out the best facilities and providers without worrying about balance billing or costly medical tourism trips.

  • Quality of care is central to treatment planning
  • Explore past outcomes with each provider
  • Visit the best destinations for treatment abroad

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Dedicated to navigating your care

A devoted and resourceful THB Care Advocate is concerned first with seeking out providers based upon best past outcomes.

  • Members experience less anxiety
  • Best outcomes don't have to lead to bankruptcy
  • Learn about a provider from past patients

Find An Advisor

Re-thinking the traditional provider network

  • Get help from the best regardless of affiliations
  • Medical tourism can have greater outcomes
  • Constant guidance from a Care Advocate

Find An Advisor

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