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Rx Drug Optimization

Rx Drug Optimization

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Understand & streamline. Rx drug costs typically account for 20%-25% of an employers total healthcare spend. However, that cost can be greatly reduced for both the member & employer with the right strategy.

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A few key levers you can control.

Currently, Insurance companies have the most to gain from increasing healthcare costs. Unfortunately, they also decide how much is being charged & what is being reimbursed. With alternative reimbursement strategies, you take control of your plan, costs & reimbursements for services provided.


Optimize pricing by understanding the cost differences between national & local pharmacies.

Sourcing Strategies

Source medication outside of your PBM. There are options from English speaking countries to medical tourism.

Specialty Drug

Reduce costs on employee specific needs with a number of assistance program options.

What’s included

Higher rebates ≠ lower cost

Healthcare is complex, sometimes it needs to be evaluated from a different lens – one that specifically looks at relationships between health insurance companies & providers.

  • Identify and eliminate fake discounts
  • Establish mutually beneficial relationships
  • Maximize impact for you & members

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Take control of costs

Source medication wherever is most advantageous for the member & ensure your partners are incentivized by your success.

  • Establish savings anywhere
  • Develop a pre-authorization procss
  • Avoid PBM sourcing restriction

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2% of drug utilization is driving over 50% of cost

Most employers qualify for programs that can eliminate up-to 100% of the cost for both the member & the employer.

  • Pre-auth based upon a custom threshold
  • Create flexibility & manage proactively
  • Guide members to co-pay and MAP options

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